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Wake Up

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Not a ton of Leafs news this a.m.  It's possible that we might see Carl Gunnarsson and John Mitchell in the lineup tonight.  Part of me thinks it's to give the Leafs a little more size against the Flyers.  We'll keep you guys updated throughout the day and be sure to check back later for the game preview.  Oh, and don't forget that the Marlies play twice at home this weekend.  If you get the chance, head out to the Ricoh.

Links after the jump.

Saturday links:

Upcoming NHL records and milestones


Leafs need to win ugly

A late night addition from James Mirtle on a few things the Leafs could improve.

Don't Panic

MLHS on why you should step back from that ledge (my friend)

Where's the Panic Button?

MSU with more words of wisdom.  (birky note:  If certain people are already panicking, should we really worry about them?  I mean, don't they obviously have bigger issues?)

Scoring chance takers through six games

Can we get a big round of applause for Slava folks?  Excellent yeoman's work.

Hardest hitting Maple Leafs from the 1950s to the present

VLM with a decade by decade breakdown.

Nothing to say, so watch instead

 Yakov gonna get yo blood pumpin

The Education of Cam Ward

BTN looks at the development of the young Hurricanes netminder.  Who happens to be really good and better than his numbers suggest.