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I'm Sensing a Pattern

Breakdancing Belarussians
Breakdancing Belarussians

Last night during the third period GDT, I commented that the outcomes of every Leafs game this season has created a pattern. Opening night saw a close one goal over the Canadiens. The Leafs followed that up with a blowout 5-1 victory over the Senators; a close 4-3 win in Pittsburgh; and then an OT win at MSG. Then came the losses; an OT loss to the Islanders; a close 1 goal loss to the Rangers; and Saturday, a blowout loss to the Flyers.

In summary it's been like this:

Close win, Blowout win, Close win, OT win, OT loss, Close loss, Blowout loss

That's a pretty clear wave pattern if I've ever seen one; which I have. Unfortunately were this pattern to hold true, it would mean that Tuesday's game against Florida will end with a close 1 goal loss. But on the plus side, if the Leafs keep this pattern going for the rest of the season they would finish with exactly 100 points which is the same amount of points division winner Buffalo had at the end of last season. So fret not Leafs fans, 7 games into the season and the Leafs have points in 5 of them. That's purdy dang good.

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