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Enhancing the Fan Experience: Television

Is this your TV? via <a href="" target="new">autowitch</a>
Is this your TV? via autowitch

The sun rises and is barely visible through your dirty window. As you cough up a cigarette butt and struggle to sit upright you knock the can of Molson Dry you fell asleep drinking onto the floor. The room is so filthy that your friends call it 'the Dust Bowl'.

Your apartment came with free heat which means that today despite it being 25 degrees out it's on full blast and you're sweating. You consider cracking a raw egg on the coffee table and coming back when it finishes cooking except you're worried that your Wal*mart furniture is 30% lead by volume.

It wasn't always like this. It doesn't have to be like this friends. There's hope. There's help.

Samsung has arrived with fantastic products to change your life. Tired of watching a broken RCA TV and wondering exactly who scored on the Leafs? Well wonder no more:

via joanna8555

You could wallpaper your dingy hovel with Samsung HDTVs. They have many sizes to work around your favorite Mirko Frycer poster and that stain that you think looks like Jesus. If you bought twelve or more TVs you could put them over the windows and never have another dreary day struggling to make it through your dusty venetian blinds.

If that's not enough to improve your living room and improve your hockey watching Samsung also makes the SD20 Home Improvenator:


Yes with a beautiful machine like that you could clear off all the junk on your floor or just knock your apartment building down and go on some sort of homicidal rampage. Remember: Ontario prisons get LeafsTV in HD. Now that's "improving your fan experience"®.