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Luke Schenn doesn't sleep. He waits.

Darren Helm, #43, now considers October 2nd, 2010 the worst day of his life.
Darren Helm, #43, now considers October 2nd, 2010 the worst day of his life.

I haven't always been the biggest Luke Schenn fan.  I'm still not sold on his skating, and he holds onto the puck longer than I'd like.  That said, he seems to truly work at his craft; there has been obvious improvement thus far in the preseason.  He will never be as smooth with the puck as Tomas Kaberle.  Schenn knows this, like the rest of us do.  But Schenn does have one great advantage: he's stronger than Atlas.  And he has been using this strength to hold off forecheckers and buy himself time with the puck.  He's not perfect (yet), but he doesn't frighten me as much when he's pressured.  Conversely, one thing Schenn has always done is stick up for himself.  Justin Abdelkader gave Schenn a borderline hipcheck in the third period last night.  Schenn immediately tracked down the culprit down and the two squared off.  That act spoke louder than words to me.  Luke Schenn may never be the greatest defenseman, but he's not going to let someone take shots at him without repercussions.  I bet last night was the first and last time Justin Abdelkader hits Luke Schenn low.  I just wish more NHLers would stand up for themselves as opposed to having a teammate jump the aggressor.


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Those of you in PPPPP Division 2:  Our draft is tonight @ 8:15.  Be there!