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Vote Early, Vote Often

Did you guys vote yet?
Did you guys vote yet?

It's Monday morning which means that it's time to head to the polls and vote in the Fan Confidence Poll. Last week's tally was 61 which gives us a run of 64-68-66-60-61 since the inception of the poll. A reminder that what we're trying to track is your thoughts on the following: How likely are the Leafs to make the playoffs?

The last week around these parts:

  1. The week started off with Nazem Kadri being written off as a flop by all Maple Leafs fans. Or at least that's what one mittenstringer would have us believe. Chemmy disagreed vehemently.
  2. The pre-season continued as the Leafs beat the Sabres 5-4 to avenge last week's 3-1 loss.
  3. Noted Maple Leafs flop Nazem Kadri led the Leafs with two goals and an assist as they overcame the Ottawa Senators 4-3.
  4. Chemmy reminded himself that when Tomas Kaberle makes cross-ice passes like you wouldn't believe that a lot of good things can happen.
  5. There was a minor speed bump as the Red Wings, looking primed for contention, ripped poor Jussi Rynnas and the Leafs to shreds.
  6. The good news about the loss? There is a lot that Rynnas can work on.
  7. We added a Facebook page. You should all join it now.
  8. The pre-season ended on a good note as the Maple Leafs beat the Griffins 4-2. Also, funeral services for Justin Abdelkader will be held this week.
  9. Steve took a look at the month to come for the Leafs and tried to predict how they will do.

The Leafs went 3-1-0 as they made their way towards the final cuts. The pre-season ends with 6 real wins (Kessel's overtime winner counted in my reality) and 3 baloney losses. With that week behind the team how do you feel about their chances to make the playoffs? Why did you vote the way that you did? This is a good spot for any lurkers to jump in.