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I Can Tell It's a Shop Because of Some of the Pixels

The Toronto Sun Sports section courtesy of <a href="" target="new">Jeffler</a>
The Toronto Sun Sports section courtesy of Jeffler

Nazem Kadri is a Leafs prospect which means that unlike other young NHL players he has to spend his development time underneath the microscope in Toronto. Kadri had a disappointing preseason save for a superhuman game against Ottawa's opening night roster but by all accounts Kadri understood that he had things to work on and according to Brian Burke and the Toronto Sun he took his demotion "like a man" which is a fight for another day.

Why then did the Toronto Sun see fit to photoshop a pacifier into Kadri's mouth and call him a "Baby"? Did Kadri throw a temper tantrum about being demoted? Here's the article that front page directs to, titled "Maple Leafs' Kadri has right attitude".

"There’s no sense in crying about it," Kadri said in a phone interview Monday night. "That serves no purpose whatsoever.

"It’s about working hard and showing you belong up there." - Toronto Sun

Clearly the Sun's editorial staff knows Kadri has been remarkably composed about this. The photoshop in their sports section is nothing more than yet another cheap shot at our team by our hometown media. You want to know how bad it is? Steve Simmons had this to say:

Today's Sports Front with pacifier in Kadri's mouth was lame. Makes us look more like babies than him - Steve Simmons

No disagreement here and for the record: we've been saying that for a long time.

Keep it up Toronto Sun: I'm sure Leafs fans love paying money to have their prospects insulted. Hopefully your awful rag loses readership before the Leafs are good and you all get whiplash getting back on the bandwagon.