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A Week(ly) Poll

It's Monday morning which means two things: that it's time to head to the polls and vote in the Fan Confidence Poll. Last week's tally was 64 which gives us a run of 64-68-66-60-61-66-73-77-64 since the inception of the poll. While the last vote came on the heel of four straight wins, this installment has seen two consecutive shutout losses and a win over the Florida Panthers. This is a reminder that what we're trying to track is your thoughts on the following:

How likely are the Leafs to make the playoffs?

So what happened over the past week?

  1. The PPP Podcast came back with another awesome installment.
  2. The Leafs started the week out with a controversial win against the Florida Panthers. The reaction out of Miami was predictably pilloried by Chemmy.
  3. Then it was on to the much anticipated and discussed Kessel v. Seguin matchup. It went about as well as you would have expected.
  4. The week ended with a third matchup with the New York Rangers. The Leafs' performance prompted questions about whether the team should look at changing their systems.
  5. Meanwhile, on the stats' side, Chemmy looked at the Leafs' top six forwards and their lack of shots, Steve looked at the amount of Leafs' shots getting blocked (35 against NYR!), and JP Nikota tried to use hits in the offensive and defensive zone to partially measure pressure on the defencemen.
  6. Somny took a look around the league to see how former Leafs were doing this year.

So that is the week that was. Vote in the top left hand side of the front-page and then explain your rationale. If you're lurking, this is a great spot to come into the light.