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How We Can Learn From Forrest Gump

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Did you ever see the movie Castaway? Ya know, the one where Tom Hanks is the guy from FedEx who gets stranded on an island for 5 or so years with only a volleyball to talk to? At the end there is a good scene of Hanks talking to his old friend about how he had no control over his life on the island; how he wanted to kill himself; but then realized that was an incredibly stupid thing to do because he had no control over the situation. He accepted his fate of being stuck on that island forever and so kept on chugging along. But then one day that fate was turned on its head because a busted Port-o-Potty washed up on shore giving him the sail he needed to head out to see.

The Leafs suck right now. They are just godawful. Their forwards as a whole are the worst in the league without question. This is a result of unrealistic expectations; the mislabeling of talent; and the unfortunate circumstance of having bare cupboards. But all hope should not be lost because who knows what tomorrow will bring. I'm hoping it brings a 1st line center and a Tomas Kaberle trade; but that's just me.

If there was one thing the tide could bring the Leafs to make them unsuck, what would you like that to be?

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