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The Not Too Distant Future

Image via <a href="">Anthony Posey</a>
Image via Anthony Posey

Note: the final installment of our posts on enhancing your experience as sports fans follows. We were compensated by Samsung for this series.

The sun sets yet traffic on the highway overpass above you seems to only be getting heavier. These days it seems like not as many people are here. The reduced amount of fighting to get close to the oil barrel and its attendant warmth are nice but those packs of wild dogs have been getting closer and closer every night.

Two days ago someone threw away a perfectly good pizza. It goes to show that nobody respects anything anymore. Why not just toss it in your icebox? Why not enjoy it later? You realize that their callousness is your meal ticket and stop complaining.

As you eat your food you notice a scrap of the newspaper is stuck to the box. "Leafs Win Big at Home Again" is all you can make out. Things used to be different for you; fancy cars, Samsung TVs all over your penthouse apartment, plenty of assistant coaches to help you out using their new Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets and Samsung digital cameras to break down plays.

It all fell apart eventually. Before it started you always felt like things went your way, that you wouldn't let your parents down; that you couldn't. But once you ended up in Canada your luck ran out. The losing streaks, the mismanagement of ice time for prospects, the poor special teams.

The only other thing you can make out on the newspaper scrap is the sentence "Since the departure of Ron Wilson the Leafs have been on a roll" and you can take solace that at least you've enhanced the fans' experience.

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