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Them's the breaks

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Despite some solid effort at times, the Maple Leafs fell to the Canadiens 2-0 last night.  Carey Price came up with 30 big saves to overshadow an excellent, 37 save performance by Leafs netminder Jonas Gustavsson.  Even with great goaltending, it's tough to steal a game when the guys in front of you can't score.  Not to say the Leafs were terribly outclassed, but as Michael Langlois put it over at Vintage Leaf Memories, sometimes the breaks just don't go your way:

Bringing this back to the Leafs, when Kessel couldn’t miss earlier this season, folks were anticipating a 40+ goal season.  Still might happen.  Like most scorers, he is a streaky guy.  He’s scored a couple in recent games.  Same with Vertseeg.  We wondered if this guy would ever start scoring, but, stepping back, it was really just a matter of a relatively few games where his shots weren’t going in.  Now, they are.  Just not Saturday night in Montreal.....Sometimes the same good effort, the same creativity and the same skill or hard work, whatever, that gets you a goal or an assist in one scenario comes up empty for you on other occasions.

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