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Maple Leafs 4 v. Stars 1: Routine Win

The Toronto Maple Leafs picked up a 4-1 win over the Dallas Stars that I think can only be described as 'routine'. When Jonas Gustavsson was called upon, he made a save but he only had to make 22 to pick up the win. Penalties were killed competently, shots were blocked abundantly, and when the lead was cut to one the team reacted perfectly: they notched a third and shut the game down.

Tonight's game was confirmation, as if more was needed, that the trio of Clarke MacArthur, Nikolai Kulemin, and Mikhail Grabovski are the Leafs' top line. Noah Love has some stats showing how hot the line has become of late:

All told, the trio have combined for 46 points through 20 games. Maybe it doesn’t rank them among the league’s best No. 1 units — to put it in perspective, the Sedin twins have 48 points on their own — but they are also trending upward: 29 of those 46 points have come in November’s 10 games.

As a trio they started with seven more defensive than offensive face-offs. They are the line that is being counted on by the Leafs to provide offence and to take the heat away from the Bozak-Kessel-Kadri line. So far, they are living up to their end of the bargain.

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