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Shot Blocking Monsters

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A common observation in last night's GDT was that the Leafs' defense was keeping Dallas shooters to the outside and blocking a lot of shots. Of course, when a Stars' player did manage to get a good chance, Jonas Gustavsson was very solid in goal, and had a few people whispering the words 'goaltending controversy'. 

It's true that the Leafs blocked 27 shots to Dallas' 18, which in the end, was likely an important difference in the outcome of the game, with François Beauchemin and Luke Schenn leading the way in blocked shots for the Leafs with 6 and 4 respectively. But according to some solid work done by James Mirtle over at the Globe and Mail, we can see that 27 blocked shots isn't anything out of the ordinary, anymore:

Since the first year the NHL has made blocked shots figures available (1997-98), they have gone from 16.5 blocks per game up to a current rate of 28.2 this season. For the most part, blocked shots have been at the 22 to 27 mark per game, but a trend is recognizable even in this short time frame.

More from Mirtle & Co. after the jump.

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