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Keep the Change; I Only Want a Quarter Back

If you're a fan of rounding as I am, then the first quarter of the season ended with the 4-1 win over the Stars. At the beginning of the season, your overlords took a stab at predicting how the season would turn out for the boys in the blue and white. Let's take a look at how good or bad those predictions were:

Overall goals scored for; 218. Goals for after 20; 47. Projected over 82 games; 193. - Ouch

Overall goals scored against; 230. Goals against after 20; 53. Projected over 82 games; 217. - Yeah

Expected points; 89. Points after 20; 19. Project over 82 games; 79. - Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

In summary, the offense is much worse while the defense and goaltending is better. Hopefully the 7 game losing streak was just a fluke and the play of late the real indicator of how good this team can be.

For a great quarterly review, check out Puckin' Eh

Twenty games in and the Leafs Offense is just that. Offensive. The Leafs currently have the 3rd lowest goals for in the league, as only the Islanders, and Devils have lit the lamp less.

The Leafs defensive play this season has been a bright spot, but somewhat of an inconsistent bright spot. The Leafs have found themselves in the top ten of Team Goals Against Average, a feat that in recent years seemed to be an impossible one, and given this years goal production, a necessary one.

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