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Off-Day Links

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Not much in the way of Leaf news today, aside from a couple articles by James Mirtle at the Globe and Mail that I got a kick out of. It seems that Brett Lebda is feeling just a tad left out

"I thought I was playing pretty well, but I’ve just been on the ice for too many goals against," he said. "Whether they’re my fault or not, it’s still something that needs to be cut down."

He's been playing well, you see. It's just that everyone scores when he's on the ice. Go figure.

Also, it seems that Carl Gunnarsson, Fredrik Sjostrom, and Jonas Gustavsson are getting into organized crime.

"We spend a lot of time together," Gustavsson said. "Our girlfriends, too. We've got a Swedish mafia going on here."

There are a couple other Leaf-related links to check out, but this long gap between games is also as good time a time as any to catch up on what's been going on with other teams around the league. More after the jump.

Leaf Links:

Kadri Unfazed By Early Success
A bit on Kadri's confidence and a couple notes on the minutes the Brent-Sjostrom-Versteeg line has been getting. From Jonas Siegel at AM640.

When Bobby Orr (supposedly) scored twice on his own net against the Maple Leafs
Michael Langlois with the story over at Vintage Leaf Memories.

Pat Burns counting the banners
Vintage Leafs has a new photo of ol' Burnsey. This and several other cool new ones to check out, so go browse around.

Photo up at Frivolous Ornamentation
Almost enough to make Karina want to watch poker.


NHL Links:

NHL Capsules
The Hockey News breaks down some of the other action around the NHL.

OHL Beats NHL To The Punch
Christopher Ralph over at The Hockey Writers breaks down a new rule about fighting brought in by the OHL.

A statistical look at the first quarter of the 2010-11 season
It's hard to believe, but 25 percent of the season has come and gone. takes a look at some of the key figures from the first quarter.

Worst Power Play In Ages
There's one good reason to feel better about our special teams over at Kukla's Korner.

Getting Unsportsmanlike Activities Out of the Game
Curt S over at Blue Chip Prospects on the disallowed Kings goal.

Senators missing the mark - The Globe and Mail
Let's all point and laugh. A story from Roy MacGregor.

Devils fans have already forgotten about Brent Sutter - The Globe and Mail
Funny, Flames fans are probably wishing they could do the same thing. Dave Shoalts elaborates.



Who Should Win the Lou Marsh MVP Award?

Kyle Larkin gives us the rundown.

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