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Capital Punishment

I really feel for Jonas Gustavsson.  I don't think he's being paid nearly enough for the effort he's giving night in, night out.  I can't see a way Jean-Sebastien Giguere reclaims a majority of the starts upon his return.  Unfortunately, we're not seeing the same production out of the rest of the line-up.  Giveaways, lazy defensive play, and a lack of finish were the culprits last night.  Toronto has scored a combined five goals in the Monster's last four starts.  As usual, the lack of production from the special teams was a factor.  Vintage Leaf Memories put it best:

For this Leaf team, the difference between winning and losing on most nights is pretty thin.  They generally need all facets of their game clicking to be successful—including, of course, special teams, a problem yet again as this season wears on.


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