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Turning to the Classics for Help

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The Leafs are 1-5-1 in their last 7 games. At this point, we need some sound Hollywood advice:

Classic Movie Lines #69 (via DiNap44)

Bluto was pre-med, I'm pre-pre-med, and user BCapp is med and he agrees with John and I. Your links are after the inebriated jump.

Captain Dion was taken to the hospital after sustaining a deep cut to the leg

It's time we ditched the RBK Edge socks in favor of ones made from ballistic kevlar.

Fire Mike Ulmer

mf37 continues his hatred of MLSE's use of social media

With Phaneuf out for the time being, will Komisarek step up?

I sure hope so because it can't be Lebda

FiftyMissionCap still has faith, do you?

Jame Mirtle certainly doesn't as he stats that the optimism from the start is long gone.

But hey, at least we're not the Devils; Parise out for three months.

A void of industries blamed for concussion injuries

At least that's the charge, but I fail to see the evidence

Game 11 in 10

12) Thank god the shutout streak is over

The Caps-Leafs game tomorrow will be broadcast on NHL Network

Finally, a non-MSGvgame in HD for those of us in the States

The NHL Halloween Party

Be sure to watch your candy at all times