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The Emergence of the Crabb

Tonight the Tampa Bay Lightning are in town led by the king of the powerplay goal, Steven Stamkos. If the Leafs hope to cage him, they'll need to get their PK legs back under them as that's where Stammer does half of his feasting (10PPG out of 21G total). Tampa runs a umbrella, or shell powerplay, and it's a top priority that the Leafs mark him at all times. The Leafs PK has been like a cancer for the team, operating at an abysmal 73%, and I have a feeling special teams will be the deciding factor tonight.

Lebda and Mitchell watch this one from the press box, as Joey Crabb cracks the lineup in his Leafs debut on the 2nd line. Crabb was leading the Marlies with 9 goals on the season, and was the highest scoring waiver exempt player yet to be called up. Hopefully Joey can continue his scoring prowess in the NHL, as a win tonight would allow the Leafs to begin to claw themselves out of the basement and back into the playoff chase.