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Should the Struggling Teams Take Advice From Small Venue Concerts?

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That's a lot of empty seats.
That's a lot of empty seats.

(This post has absolutely nothing to do with the Leafs, because they'll never have an attendance problem. But have a read and let me know what you think in the comments.)

6,706. 8,189. 8,171. 6,761.

Those are the attendance figures the Phoenix Coyotes. Those numbers are pitiful. They're less than what some ECHL teams draw.

$36. The price of an upper bowl tickets at Arena. $75 -$354. The price range of a lower bowl tickets at Arena. The always nearly empty lower bowl of Arena. Have you seen a Coyotes game on TV or during a TSN replay? There are more empty seats than fans in them. For a city and ownership group that's fought tooth and nail to keep the team there, that's just unacceptable.

In Atlanta, Miami, and Columbus the picture has been the same. Fans simply aren't going to the games and I can't help but feel that ticket prices play a part. Any money generated from a ticket sale is better than no money, especially when you consider the added concessions and merchandising purchases made my fans at the games. Ok, so how low should ticket prices fall? Early I said that ticket prices range from $36 in the nosebleeds up to $354 for a seat on the glass. Seats which are never full.

I'd say priority one for Phoenix is filling up their lower bowl so that they can at least save face on TV and TSN's highlights show, but how? That got me thinking about my high school days when I'd go see crappy bands in dive bars and clubs and pay the general admission to get in, pick my spot on the floor, and see the show. I think the NHL teams with struggling attendance: Atlanta, Miami, Columbus, Phoenix, should eliminate varying ticket prices based on location and instead make every game "general admission". Pay one, lower ticket price for either the upper bowl or lower bowl, and pick any open seat you want on a first come, first serve basis either ahead of time online (like picking a seat on a flight), or by showing up early and putting your butt in a seat.

I feel that would solve two problems. One, it would increase attendance as games would be more affordable with the added draw of previous unattainable seats down low now available. Two, it would make sure the lower bowl was filled first and eliminate the seat costume jokes. I had thought about having only one ticket price for the whole arena, but in the event that the lower bowl gets filled it would be unfair for those in the upper bowl to pay the same price; so two prices it is. And season tickets? Same price but with the ability to select your seats ahead of time and have them reserved for you. Simple. What do you think? What would be acceptable general admissions ticket prices for these teams?

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