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Somebody Has a Case of the Monday Links

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Yup. Everyone is laughing at you.
Yup. Everyone is laughing at you.

Nothing happened yesterday so let's get straight to your morning links.

Leafs top line is firing blanks

That's a low blow on Phil Kessel

Leafs look sloppy

Except for the second line that is

More piling on about the struggles of the first line

When do you start playing the "2nd" line more?

HLF is experiencing a bad day of hockey hangover

Wants to know if anyone has some Plan B to abort this Leafs season

Black holes: Not just for astronomers.

LeafsHQ knows the only thing that sucks more than a black hole; the Leafs

Wilson's job "safe" as head coach

Burke doesn't understand all this talk of firing the coach. Uhhhhh because you can't fire the players?

That being said, MSU thinks Wilson in on the hot seat

Slava Duris with the scoring changes from the Buffalo Game

Surprisingly, while getting out shot 31-25; the Leafs out chanced the Sabres 15-8

VLM knows the missing ingredient for the Leafs

And no, the answer is not Jesus

I'm going to guess that no penalty was called on this

Vintage Leafs with more photo goodness

Cheer the fuck up and stop ruining hockey for Princess Wrap

Morning Additions

Over at Bitter Leaf Fan, mf37 takes a look back at Burke's coaches

Based on history, he doesn't believe Wilson will get the ax

Yakov Mironov wants the Leaf forwards to get more offensive

Should probably think of something better than "Yo Momma" jokes