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Vote Before You Leap

Derek Roy is the latest passenger on Schenn Airlines.
Derek Roy is the latest passenger on Schenn Airlines.

It's Monday morning which means two things: that it's time to head to the polls and vote in the Fan Confidence Poll. Last week's tally was 53 which gives us a run of 64-68-66-60-61-66-73-77-64-53 since the inception of the poll. The plunging result marks the lowest since the dark days of the slow pre-season start. The Leafs week saw them go 0-1-2 while losing two games in a shootout from winning positions. This is a reminder that what we're trying to track is your thoughts on the following: 

How likely are the Leafs to make the playoffs?

So what happened over the past week? 

  1. An ugly loss to our provincial neighbours started the week off as the Leafs fell to the Senators 3-2.
  2. The Leafs followed it up with what could have been a confidence boosting comeback win but which left us only with a glimpse of the goaltender that Jonas Gustavsson could be becoming. The 5-4 loss to the Capitals came via shootout which would be repeated.
  3. You can follow the despair in the collapse that saw the Sabres pull out a 3-2 shootout win with the third period thread.
  4. With the glow of the Leafs' hot start almost completely evaporated 1967ers reminded us that sometimes hot starts don't portend better times.
  5. In retrospect, we might need to take a longer view of the word 'upswing'.
  6. With the penalty kill beginning to falter and results falling by the wayside more than a few fans are wondering if there might need to be a change behind the bench.
  7. Things might be different if the team had some more size down the middle, like say a Max Bentley, but the atmosphere would definitely be different if the ACC ever found its voice and it's creativity

So that is the week that was. Vote in the top left hand side of the front-page and then explain your rationale. If you're lurking, this is a great spot to come into the light.