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Forget Goals, I'd Settle For Some Consistency

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Can't nobody say Mike Brown isn't giving it his all.
Can't nobody say Mike Brown isn't giving it his all.

The Leafs are a lot like a V-8 motor with a bad distributor; it's never firing on all cylinders. One night the PK will be great but the PP will have no legs. The next night Gustavsson will stand on his head, but the skaters can't find twine. Take last night, the 2nd and 3rd lines were buzzing, but the 1st line was invisible. Finding a way to get the entire team playing consistent hockey would go a long way to getting marks in the win column, and should be near the top of Wilson's priority list.

Leafs' Schenn wishes he could have back the pass that led to winning goal

"I just tried to make a pass to Phil, they intercepted it, went down and scored," Schenn said. "I can't blame anyone else there. It was my bad, bad pass and obviously I wish I could have it back."

Chalk this one up as a learning experience for Luke. If he repeats or makes a habit of this type of play, then I'd call for criticism.

Two Goals From Kulemin Not Enough For the Leafs - James Mirtle

Despite the loss, Kulemin has eight goals in his last 13 games after scoring only once in the first month of the season. Versteeg, meanwhile, has 12 points in that same span after going pointless in all but one of his first nine games.

Despite only three wins in his first 11 starts -- mainly due to a lack of goal support -- Gustavsson said before the game he feels he has played well all season.

It's great to see guys like Kulemin and Versteeg, young players growing their game, doing so well. It's not so great that they're doing it alone.

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