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Doom Week is Over

The Leafs were able to pull out 3 wins in possibly their toughest five game stretch of the season.  Phil Kessel scored on a rebound and Tomas Kaberle was able to pot his first goal of the season last night in a big divisional match-up.  Kris Versteeg added an empty-netter to ice the game, giving the Leafs 6 points against three of the East's best squads.  The Leafs have looked a bit more rounded as of late, as noted by Vintage Leaf Memories:

We’ll see if Kessel’s goal opens the proverbial floodgates—for him and the team. Schenn was tough all night. MacArthur and Armstrong were involved and it is no secret the Leafs are better when they play with an edge. Most teams are.

Hopefully, the Leafs can use their play this week as a springboard to finish the first half strong.

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