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Votez Aujourd'hui!

Francois and Jean-Sebastien are excited by the post title. You should be too!
Francois and Jean-Sebastien are excited by the post title. You should be too!

It's Monday morning which means two things: that it's time to head to the polls and vote in the Fan Confidence Poll. Last week's tally was 46 which gives us a run of 64-68-66-60-61-66-73-77-64-53-42-39-52-32-46 since the inception of the poll. The beginning of Doom Week was the win over the Bruins but that was covered under the last poll. During this voting period the Buds went 2-2-0 over four games which spawned more predictions of disaster than expectations of success. I don't think it's any surprise that the Leafs won the two games they put forth an acceptable effort or that they were dummied in the two games where they couldn't be bothered. Such is the life of a young team. Edmonton, of course, can be forgiven because they are really young. Not as young as the Leafs mind you, Glenn Healy, but why would you research something when it's just easier to slam the Leafs.

Copied verbatim from last week because it still applies:

Over the past 10 the Leafs are 4-5-1 and for the second time this year the Leafs responded with a great game when the talk about firing Ron Wilson had been approaching a crescendo.

This is a reminder that what we're trying to track is your thoughts on the following:

How likely are the Leafs to make the playoffs?

So what happened over the past week?

  1. The Maple Leafs came back from a 4-1 third period deficit against the Washington Capitals to win 5-4 in a shootout. This seemed more impressive before the New York Rangers beat them by a touchdown.
  2. The one thing that was predictable was that Sidney Crosby was going to kill the Leafs. Not surprisingly, he did.
  3. The next night the captain made his return to the lineup against the Philadelphia Flyers. It didn't help. But it did spawn one of the greatest threads in site history.
  4. Steve took a look at the league's most productive trios. Turns out that the Kulemin-Grabovski-MacArthur line is good.
  5. The week ended on a high note as the Leafs beat the Auld Enemy (in both cases!) 3-1. Turns out, MacArtRoss has a bit of MacHyde in him too as Jaro Spacek found out to his face's dismay.

So that is the week that was. Vote in the top left hand side of the front-page and then explain your rationale. If you're lurking, this is a great spot to come into the light.

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