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Saturday Was the Best Day

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I like corm.
I like corm.

Let's see, what happened to me on Saturday. I slept in. Played some XBOX. Gorged myself on Shabu Shabu bacon pork. Find out the Leafs beat the Habs. And watched one of the greatest concerts in MSG history. That's right boys and girls, RAMMSTEIN! So yeah, I didn't get to watch any of the game, but I heard it was sweet. But was it "seeing a guy lit on fire sweet?", I don't think so. ENVY ME! And Chemmy too, he was there. Anywho, let's get to hockey.

Doom Week came and went with the Leafs getting 6 out of a possible 10 points against the 5 4 best teams in the East. Not too shabby for the youngins. Up next, West Coast Waffle Week kicks off with a game against the 2009 Toronto Maple Leafs the first opponent. What does our captain have to say about it?

Leafs Phaneuf Plays Down His Return to Calgary

"I don't know why there would be anything negative," Phaneuf said. "It wasn't my choice to move. I wouldn't expect anything...This is not about me going to Calgary, it's about our team going out there to win," Phaneuf said. "I had a lot of really good times out there. [The trade] was a business decision. I have no hard feelings."

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Buzzing The Net - Three Stars

Somewhere on the list is a Maple Leafs prospect. Find out where.

Giguere: Leafs Can Learn From Red Wings

Hmmm.... can the youngest team learn from the oldest?

Bobby Ryan Score with Mikko Koivu's Stick

Did I mention Ryan's a rightie and Koivu a leftie?

Game 29 in 10

11 - First time the Leafs have scored the first goal in 6 games

The Leafs Weekender

MLHS with the week that was in Leafs Land

Leafs Off the Mat Prior to Road Swing

Doom Week should help build momentum for the upcoming road trip

Youtubin' Brad Ross

Rad Boss is pretty freakin' boss

But Chemmy shows that Greg McKegg might be the steal of the 2010 Draft

Game 29 Scoring Chances courtesy of Slava Duris

Brad Richards; Somewhere but not Toronto

Sorry boys and girls, but VLM says he ain't coming here.

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