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Dion Smash! Dion Smash! Dion Smash! *BANG BANG*

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Well, today is the day that Matt Stajan and Niklas Hagman make their first appearance as opponents against the Leafs, and the same goes for Dion Phaneuf and Fredrik Sjostrom against the Flames. It'd be nice if Aulie could play and have a good showing, but the lineup won't be announced until later on.

It's surely an emotional week for Phaneuf, who no doubt has a lot of memories in Calgary, but who is also grieving the loss of his grandmother.

Phaneuf, the Toronto Maple Leafs captain, left the squad after Tuesday night’s 4-1 victory over the Edmonton Oilers to attend the funeral of his grandmother in Prince Edward Island. Phaneuf was scheduled to fly to Calgary late Wednesday night and, barring any unforeseen delays, was expected back in time to suit up against the Flames.


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