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Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

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Well Leafs continued their rollercoaster run of late; 2 good games, followed by an absolute stinker or two. Our "2nd" line continues to put points up on the board like it's going out of style and boy do I ever thank them for that. Otherwise we'd still be on pace for the all-time shutout record, which thankfully we no longer are. This offseason, Burke needs to find two first line players to play with Kessel. That's job #1 without question. Just think how much better this team would be with the 2nd and 3rd lines we currently have complemented by a first line that can actually score? That's right, real good. Maybe Burke can make a trade that he'll never talk bad about....

When will a gutsy GM say: "I’d never make that trade again"? And more useless booing... - Vintage Leaf Memories

Media reports out of Calgary this week indicated that Flames GM Darryl Sutter says he would absolutely do the Phaneuf trade over again.  Similarly, Toronto fans have often heard Brian Burke say he would do the Kessel trade over again.

What else are these guys going to say—even if they felt, in their hearts, they missed the mark?

I mean, c’mon.  When will a GM ever be honest enough to admit, publicly— for fans, the media and his bosses—that he made a big mistake?

Probably never.  And certainly not if they are currently employed—or ever want to get a job in the game again.

What VLM is trying to say here is "MAN UP MOOSE!"

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