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On The Fifth Day Of Leafsmas

On the fifth day of Leafsmas
Burkie gave to me...
Five In A Row!
Four Years of Brad
Three Luke Schenns,
Two Special Teams
A center for Phil Kessel

Brian Burke has been GM of the Leafs for 172 regular season NHL games, Ron Wilson has been coach for 194. During this time, the Leafs have managed just two four game winning streaks. (And what about a three game win streak? All of three measly times in 2.5 seasons and two calendar years.)
On the fifth day of Burkemas, I’d like the Leafs to go on a five game tear. Five games, five wins, ten points.

I’m not picky - I’ll take the wins in the shootout, overtime, lucky bounces, Orr mugging another goalie, the wrong call from the NHL war room, the right call from the NHL war room, flu-like outbreaks among the opposition, Ledba putting the team on his shoulders and racking up 20+ points in a two-week span, 12-11 games or 1-0 finals.