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Do Or Cry

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Tonight the Leafs take on a young Edmonton Oilers team that has won two in a row. If the Leafs are going to stand much of a chance of making the playoffs, these are the kinds of games that they absolutely need to win. Of course, it's not impossible that the Leafs fight back to garner a playoff spot from the current eight-point gap, but it looks more and more improbable with each passing loss. No, it's not 'do or die', but it sure will be 'do or cry' tonight if the Leafs lose.

You want some kind of smarmy, obvious key to the game? Our top line needs to score goals and work harder. Just look at what Clarke MacArthur had to say in this Jonas Siegel article:

"We didn’t cycle the puck," he said, "and I haven’t been in a game where’s that happened in a long time. I thought other lines competed hard and did what they had to do to win the game for us and for our line, it’s just not acceptable. Our compete level was so low [Tuesday] night. It’s really frustrating to go back and think about."

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