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Paging Dr. Wilson to the Leafs Dressing Room

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Gimme your kidney. I needs it.
Gimme your kidney. I needs it.

Leafs in need of a transplant - Leafs Nation

Almost thirty years ago, the Chicago Black Hawks (two words in those days) were ready to face-off against the about-to-explode Edmonton Oilers in the Campbell Conference Championship Series. The Hawks finished the season with 104 points. The Oilers had 106. Yappy Glen Sather behind the Oilers’ bench. Portly Orval Tessier guiding the Hawks. After the first two games of that series, played in Edmonton, the Hawks were down two games-to-none and had been outscored 16-6. And that’s when Orval Tessier said it.

To the media, Tessier announced that his Hawks – led by the line of Denis Savard, Steve Larmer and Al Secord – needed "heart transplants." That is harsh. And I’m not suggesting that’s what Ron Wilson’s Toronto Maple Leafs need. But they need something similar. Do "desire transplants" exist?

I've been telling my squirt team the same thing with similar results.

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