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On The Eighth Day Of Leafsmas

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On the eighth day of Leafsmas
Burkie gave to me...

Eight Brents-a-Renting

Seven First Round Draft Picks
Six Years of Cheering
Five In A Row!
Four Years of Brad
Three Luke Schenns,
Two Special Teams
A center for Phil Kessel

Today's Leafsmas wish brought to you by Greg Wyshynski Editor of Yahoo! blog Puck Daddy:

There are a few wonderful things about a player like Tim Brent. Like a level of humility, having been a hockey vagabond. Like being the embodiment of the truculence and pugnacity that Brian Burke had preached but hasn’t seen manifested in a majority of Leafs. Like inexplicably adding offense at critical moments.
Like costing $575,000, with free agency looming.
In theory, the Leafs would pepper their depth at forward with a few Tim Brents every season, giving them players that outwork their foes and cap space to sign someone with at least an elementary understanding of offensive hockey. Assuming they can find a brave soul to agree to come to Toronto and risk their own wellbeing playing in an arena plagued with flying breakfast delicacies.