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On The Ninth Day Of Leafsmas...

On the ninth day of Leafsmas
Burkie gave to me...

Nine Forwards Dangling

Eight Brents-A-Renting
Seven First Round Draft Picks
Six Years of Cheering
Five In A Row!
Four Years of Brad
Three Luke Schenns,
Two Special Teams
A center for Phil Kessel

Today's wish comes to us via Toronto Star columnist Vinay Menon who writes A Leafs Fan Blogs:

Screw this Top 6-Bottom 6 twaddle. We deserve dekes and stick-handling, fakes and dipsy-doodling. I have a dream that one day the Leafs will dazzle us with three lines that can roll into the offensive zone and create magic with their slightly deranged creativity. Blind drop passes! Hovering saucers! Seeing-eye, thread-the-needle, undress-the-D-bags-on-D playmaking that will catapult us to our feet and bring a permanent end to the threat of airborne waffles. But if nine forwards dangling is too much to ask, I will settle for three. Okay, two. Fine! One! One forward dangling! All I know is Colton Orr has the best shooting percentage right now. We need a dangler this holiday season. Please.

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