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Have A Happy Festivus Loser!

This is the day that so many Leafs fans have been waiting for. Every year, we gather here to air our grievances. Unfortunately, every year we have always had a lot of problems with the Leafs. Today, in honour of the greatest of the holidays, I invite all of you to write fanposts to the Maple Leafs. Tag them with 'Festivus 2010' and the best ones will go on the front page. There may even be presents.

Do what you folks do best. Be insightful, be funny, be smart, be vulgar if need be but let's get everything that drives us insane about the Maple Leafs out in the open. Whether it's Brian Burke's incessant need for media attention, MLSE's heavy handed approach to WaffleGate 2010, or one of the million of problems on the ice, let's hear it and let them know what feats of strength you demand in the coming year.

It'll be cathartic. I promise.