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On The Twelfth Day of Leafsmas

On the twelfth day of Leafsmas
Burkie gave to me...

Twelfth In The East!

 Eleven Effort Level
Ten Players Swapping
Nine Forwards Dangling
Eight Brents-A-Renting
Seven First Round Draft Picks
Six Years of Cheering
Five In A Row!
Four Years of Brad
Three Luke Schenns,
Two Special Teams
A center for Phil Kessel

We've got the largest repository of reactions, discussions, dissections, and investigations on the Phil Kessel trade. Finishing 12th in the East will likely get the Leafs the 4th or 5th overall pick and in a draft that's supposed to be three players deep it'll be a small comfort. Then we can go back to hoping the Leafs tank. Mock drafts like this will get a tonne of traffic from Leafs fans.