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First off: my sincere condolences if you're reading this from your desk at your place of employment. We'll have some Leafs content today ho pefully in an attempt to make your return to work bearable. If you're not working today feel free to share a link to your Leafs blog in the comments.

Meanwhile, for anyone who doesn't spend all night following Leafs players on Twitter; the Leafs bus got stuck in New Jersey last night. Tyler Bozak tweeted about being stuck for most of the night:

Roads closed in new jersey stuck on the bussss. Brutaallll!!

Nazem isn't happy with these roads

@. Slowly leaning side to side and snapping my fingers right now

The hotels 20 mins away and its taken 3 hrs already and still stuck on this bus.

Stilllll on thiSs bus not movinggggg

That last tweet is from about 3am. Oof.

Update at 12:50 p.m.:

Open this airport up! Still stuck in jersey

Leaf Links:

LeafsHQ's Game in Ten

Leafs end skid, dump Devils

Recap over at the Globe and Mail via The Associated Press. My guess is that Mirtle couldn't make the game with the inclement weather.

Careless Errors by New Jersey Devils Lead to 4-1 Loss to Toronto Maple Leafs - In Lou We Trust
This is the recap from over at In Lou We Trust, so go read what they thought of our squad last night.

Changes coming to underachieving Leafs roster
"It’s believed by team sources that Burke “owes” Wilson at least a trade to shake up the underachieving roster up and give the coach an improved opportunity to rescue the team’s badly fading playoff hopes."

Focusing on Nazem Kadri
Michael Langlois over at Vintage Leaf Memories has a shift-by-shift breakdown of Kadri's play against New Jersey.


Other Links:

The Hockey News: Rumor Roundup:
Should the Flames blow it up?; will the Devils move out their big names?; and the Sens need Bieksa.

Power Play Strategies

I found this old article that features an interview with Mike Keenan on his philosophy around running a PP.



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