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A Storm, You Say?

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As we all saw yesterday, Tyler Bozak was tweeting about the team's struggle to get out of New Jersey. I suppose he and the rest of the team can take solace in the fact that they're not the only people to ever be desperate to get out of New Jersey, but that doesn't help them rest up or prepare for the next game.

With a little luck, everyone will be safe, and this whole experience will bring the team a little closer together. Tomas Kaberle via Jonas Siegel on the situation:

"It was lots of fun [to begin with]," said Tomas Kaberle. "We got two points after the game, [but] as time went on the boys got a little bit tired and then it was kind of fun on the bus [again], joke around and everything else. But when you sit in the same spot for three hours, it’s not fun afterwards. You just want to go back to your room and get some sleep before the next day."

Not too much Leaf-related stuff today, but more links after the jump.

Leaf Links:

Putting the Burke re-build in some historical (Leaf) perspective
Michael Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories takes a look back to the 80's in search of some answers.

Ex-Leaf defenseman Jim Morrison's amazing journey: 10 years in between NHL gigs
Huh, wow. Never heard of such a thing happening. Another one from VLM.

Winter snowstorm causing headaches for NHL, NFL, college teams in Northeast - The Globe and Mail
Dave Skretta at the Globe and Mail with tidbits on how the storms in the east have affected the Leafs as well as other teams in other sports.

Leafs vs Hurricanes Preview
Over at The Leafs Nation, our very own SkinnyFish has a preview up for tonight's tilt against the Hurricanes. Key to the game: throw a lot of shots at Ward.


Other Hockey Links:

Canadians invade Buffalo
Team USA appears to be the host in name only at this year's event in Buffalo; Mirtle with the story.

Jordin Tootoo enters NHL/NHLPA Substance Abuse Program
Many of you heard the news last night; go over to On the Forecheck to get a Preds fan's reaction.

Puck Daddy's Top 10 most shocking on-ice moments of 2010
It's good watchin'.

Monday’s Three Stars
Wyshynski with a few thumbs up and one thumb down to the refs of the Columbus and Wild game.

Video: Anze Kopitar's brilliant rainbow pass for Dustin Brown goal link via Puck Daddy.

The Hockey News: NHL Capsules
News from around the league.

Read any good hockey books lately?
Mike over at Steady Burn wants to know if you have any recommendations for reading . Of course you do.

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