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Time for the Leafs' New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's Eve is the worst night for drunken driver caused accidents.
New Year's Eve is the worst night for drunken driver caused accidents.

After a full week in the Midwestern desolation that is Toledo, Ohio I return to bring you your morning links. But before I give you what you came for, it's time to play a game. 2010 hasn't been the best year for the Toronto Maple Leafs organization, particularly the last half. You all know why, so I don't feel I have to list the multitude of reasons that back up this obvious truth. It's time to forget 2010 and look ahead to 2011, and what better way to do this then by putting forth some New Year's Resolutions for the Maple Leafs. I'll start.

Brian Burke - Your New Year's Resolution to hold on to your 1st round draft picks and never let them go.

Have at it in the comments. Your links are after the jump.

Leafs Links

Awful 2nd Period Doomed Leafs in Loss to Columbus

3 shots on goal. What the hell?

No Waffles, Just Turnovers for the Leafs

Grabbo wants to know if they make pineapple turnovers.

Jackets Win; Leafs Lose

Game recap courtesy of the G&M

Leafs Lose, So Time To Talk Trades

This is also what happens after the Leafs do anything....ever.

Leafs End Calendar Year on a Losing Note

Who will Burke drop from the top of Times Square I wonder?

Game 36 in 10

Xterratu makes a good point that Grabbo was sorely missed.

Bring on the New Year's Resolutions

Stud Defenseman? Stud Defenseman.

So What Does Brian Burke Do This Time?

Shit man, I have no clue. Omelette for breakfast?

Which NHL Goalies Are Truly Special and Where Does Gustavsson Fit In?

VLM takes a look at the elite and where the Monster ranks up.

Your Non-Leafs Link For The Day

The Mystery of J.R. Reich Unraveled

I do some investigative journalism to find out just who in the hell this guy is.