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Francois Beauchemin on the Trade Block?

I don't like trade rumors but TSN's Darren Dreger is obviously a lot different than a clown like Eklund. If he's reporting something it's because he heard it from a GM or similar, not because he made it up while praying people would pay him $3 to read his website.

On his Twitter he posted:

Trade talk heating up. Teams are calling the Leafs, asking about a number of players, but there isn't an offer yet, worth taking. - @DarrenDreger

Beauchemin has a limited no-trade, but he's drawing interest. A lot more chatter now across the NHL. - @DarrenDreger

Beauchemin haters are coming out of the woodwork to say goodbye in advance which is probably misguided. Beauchemin makes some turnovers sure but who on the Leafs' D doesn't? Dion Phaneuf, and Mike Komisarek clearly aren't going to carry Beauchemin's workload. Luke Schenn might be able to eventually but he's not ready to be a #1D today.

Quality of Competition at ES for the Leafs' D shows that Francois Beauchemin plays the hardest minutes on the Leafs. Mike Komisarek plays the second hardest. Luke Schenn sees easier minutes than Phaneuf, Komisarek and Beauchemin.

The Leafs should make this deal on two conditions: first they'll need a good return. A 2nd rounder or Luca Caputi aren't going to do it.  Second; they admit they're far away from competing. Beauchemin being a key cog or not; this is a losing team. If management can finally admit it's going to take more than a year to make the playoffs and can start shipping out players for good futures packages then they probably should; even if the players leaving are useful right now.