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Motivational Sports Speeches - Not Just For Movies Anymore

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25 games down. 56 games to go. It's going to take a lot of good speeches to get this team into the playoffs. Hopefully Nonis, Burke, and Wilson own a good thesaurus and have watched every sports movie ever, otherwise their speeches will become stale and lack their magical win-producing powers.

Maple Leafs Look for Improvement from Within

The speech wasn't particularly long, but the message was abundantly clear to the Toronto Maple Leafs: with no help on the horizon, it's up to the current players to turn things around.

Assistant general manager Dave Nonis delivered an address to the team at practice Friday and they responded with a shootout win over Boston on Saturday. The players hope it's something they can build on.

"Dave pretty much said that he just believes in our group," said forward Colby Armstrong. "I think we were going through a time where it was tough for us. I don't know if it was confidence or what. It wasn't a long talk—pretty much just a little kick in the butt to the boys and also a little confidence boost.

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