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Have The Leafs Rediscovered Their Much Needed Agitator?

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Say what you will about intangibles, but the past two games since Armstrong's return have shown some true grit and determination from the Leafs; led by Colby Armstrong. Since Tucker and Domi left, the Leafs have been without a skilled shit disturber that the people love dearly. But since his return, Colby Armstrong seems to be channeling those Leafs greats of old. VLM agrees.

Maybe Colby Armstrong Is What We've Been Looking For - Vintage Leaf Memories

Over the past fifteen months, on occasion I’ve written about certain old-time Maple Leafs that I wish were on this Leaf team.  Or someone like them, at least.

I’m thinking in terms of Bert Olmstead from the early 1960s, Brian Spencer from the very early 1970s and Scott Garland from the mid-later ‘70s (click on their names to read my stories about them).  They were all different players, of course, but the bottom line was, there was precious little smooth or fancy about them.  They mostly brought attitude, sandpaper and grit.  Of the three I mentioned, Olmstead was the most skilled (he played, in his 'hey day', alongside stars like Rocket Richard and Jean Beliveau in Montreal) but he had an egg beater style, and was hard to play against.

Each of Olmstead, Spencer and Garland had another thing in common:  they were agitators.

With two come from behind wins, it's hard to argue against Armstrong having a positive impact on the team.

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