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At Least There's Another Game Tonight

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What do you say after a loss like that? The Leafs were embarrassed everywhere on the ice with the exception of about five minutes in the third period where Tyler Bozak and Mikhail Grabovski scored, and made it briefly look like we were headed for another comeback.

Although on paper, our special teams may actually look better after this game, with Bozak's goal coming on the power play (1 for 8 on the night), and our Penalty Kill neutralizing the Pens on their only PP, we also gave up a short-handed goal with the numbers 84, 32, 41, 16 and 15 on the ice. Oh, and the goal came on an embarrassing two-on-oh that left Gustavsson hung out to dry. Bummer. 

The Leafs were a cumulative -20 on the night, with Luke Schenn being the only "plus" player in the lineup, and only Armstrong, Gunnarsson, Sjostrom, and Rosehill breaking even. 

The good news is that the Leafs have the opportunity to dispel this rain cloud from above their heads with another game coming tonight against Philadelphia. Dion Phaneuf is hoping to be back, though he will likely be a game time decision. From Jonas Siegel:

"It's feeling a lot better," said Phaneuf. "I don't know whether it's gonna be tomorrow, whether it's gonna be Saturday or whether it's gonna be next week. It's all how it reacts, but like I said it's been positive so far each day that I've woke up.

"Right now I’d love to play tomorrow, focus on that, wake up tomorrow and it’s feeling good then that will be when it is. But I haven’t said for sure, the medical staff hasn’t said for sure, so like I said one day at a time still."

Don't rush it, Dion. I want you ready and able to break skulls against Calgary, and I know that's exactly what you'd like to do too, but make sure you've let it heal.

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