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Happy Brian Burke Day!

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Brian Burke MADNESS from our wonderful Hungry Leafs Fan
Brian Burke MADNESS from our wonderful Hungry Leafs Fan

Wow.  What a day yesterday was.  I got to bed probably around 2am, pretty late for me, and then just after 8am I woke up because I heard my phone beeping with a text message.  It was TSN saying, simply: Dion Phaneuf traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I have never woken up so fast.  My husband wants to replace my alarm clock with a TSN trade ticker that will send me news of Leafs trades constantly.

My initial reaction was pure panic.  What did the Leafs have to trade that was fair value for Dion Phaneuf?  My only conclusion was Luke Schenn and that had me terrified.  Little did I know that Burke managed to trick Darryl Sutter into believing that Matt Stajan is actually a #1 center, put in a couple of other decent players with White and Hagman, and then gave Mayers his ticket out of town.  Wow.

And then came the rumours of Toskala for Giguere.  And then Blake was thrown in.  I have never been in more disbelief about any transaction the Leafs have ever made than that one.  Superb, that someone who actually deserves to be in the NHL was traded in return for those two players. 

In honour of this superb bit of GM work by Brian Burke, it is a celebration day today.  HAPPY BRIAN BURKE DAY!!!

Make sure you have a lot of time for the links after the jump.  I think it's a record for an FTB.


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