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Pee Pee Pee and Poo Poo Poo

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Well my ability to follow the hockey world has been severely hampered the past few days.  And not just because we got a new puppy, but because I'm crate training her and housebreaking her.  I haven't actually watched a full hockey game in about Friday, which means that this headache I have is probably a symptom of withdrawl.  Instead, my time has been filled with two things: pee and poo.  Now, it's not as wonderful as you imagine.  At times like this, I am oh so glad that I have to write the FTB because while I was planning on getting to bed early until I remembered my responsibility, it is a refreshing mental break from the world of the puppy to actually read these blogs, and catch up on some hockey news.
Links below the jump.


Remembering Jiggy, Part 2
Earl Sleek on Jiggy: When it mattered most, J.S. Giguere turned our ties into wins. We'll miss you, Jiggy.

Phaneuf Traded to Toronto; Leafs Acquire Giguere
Suite 101 has a late breaking review of the Leafs acquisition, and who else could be out the door by March 3rd.

Introducing: The Sjo-Stopper
Bone's Corner gives us his thoughts on some new Leafs.

No Cause To Worry About Gustavsson
MLHS says that, despite what you may have heard elsewhere, Gustavsson will be OK.

Ask Lee Stempniak
Loser Domi has a special Valentine's Edition of As Lee Stempniak!

An open letter to Vesa Toskala
If there's only one link that you have the time to read today, make it this one.  It's written by Down Goes Brown.  And it's incredible.


Chemmy made another YTMND
Turn your speakers up.