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Canadian media needs a new story: there's a gold!

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Well last night was pretty exciting... I finally got to hear the end of the "who will win the first gold for Canada on home soil?" story and instead was inundated with stories about an amazing athlete who everyone overlooked when considering who would fill that void. 
Frankly, once the Opening Ceremonies started on Friday night (well after the Leafs game) I have basically ignored the NHL all together.  So I took a few looks at went on last night, and here's what I concluded:  Getzlaf will be suiting up for Team Canada, as he had 4 points in a win over Edmonton and looked awesome.  Luongo is in playoff form already - that is to say, he played horribly, and I hope he doesn't get a sniff at Canada's goal outside of maybe a round robin game.  Crosby also blocked a shot and looked like he might be injured, but says he's completely fine.  That said, there really wasn't much in the way of news about the Leafs last night, so be prepared for some Olympic stuff with what little Leafs news I could find, after the jump.

Let's start with the hockey:

Read about Canada's golden boy at SB Nation's Olympics site here, and the Globe and Mail here.

As well, Jocelyne Lamoureaux of Team USA scored a beautiful goal yesterday.  If you live in the states, you can watch it on NBC here.  If you find a link for the rest of us in other parts of the world, please toss it in the comments so everyone can see.

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