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Hi I'm Mike, from Canmore

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Mike from Canmore: Not the Olympian.
Mike from Canmore: Not the Olympian.

So yesterday was another successful day for Canada at the Olympics.  Except I'm a bit confused.  His name is really Mike, and he really is from Canmore?  Growing up in a stereotypically Canadian household, watching the Royal Canadian Air Farce on Friday night was a tradition.  The comedians that I remember laughing at the most were Roger Abbot, Luba Goy, Don Ferguson and John Morgan.  There were great features, the most popular at it's height being the Chicken Cannon, where a rubber chicken would be loaded into a cannon, often with other interesting goods (often things that make a big mess) and then shot at a target - the last target being of particular interest to NHL fans, Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow.  But I bring it up because aside from the talented Don Ferguson who did just about any politician you could imagine, one of my favourites was Mike from Canmore.  Mike was a Flames fan whose pet dog was actually just a stuffed dog, who he would order to do tricks and then wait a hilarious amount of time for it to happen.  The best part about Mike from Canmore was that he would show up at random times, and quite often the only thing he would ever say was "I'm Mike, from Canmore."  So poor Mike Robertson, who won a silver medal at the Olympics yesterday, will forever live in the shadow of the Royal Canadian Air Farce in my mind.  And that, my friends, is today's Heritage Moment.

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