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Finally, the Olympics Have Begun

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No handshakegate here.
No handshakegate here.

So the Olympics finally started for real last night with the beginning of the men's hockey tournament, and boy did it start off well for Teams USA and Canada.  The USA was competent in their 3-1 win over Switzerland, but looking shaky at times and made rudimentary errors. Fortunately for them, their next opponent in Norway; a team that last night Canada demolished by a score of 8-0.  Captain Calgary himself scored three goals, which for the remainder of the Olympics shall be known as the mitt-trick.

Looking at the Leafs who have played so far; Kessel played 11:23 against Switzerland, but didn't score or even get a shot on goal.  Hopefully he'll change that on Thursday against a horrific Norwegian team.

If you want a blog to follow for the Olympics; then look no farther than SBNation's Olympics page or Yahoo's Fourth Place Medal.  Both are quite good on their coverage.

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