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Finally, A West Coast Bias!

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Tomas Kaberle of the Czech Republic
Tomas Kaberle of the Czech Republic

Well as I sat down to watch this, the best game yet of the Olympic hockey tournament is on TV - The Czechs versus the Slovaks, starring our very own Tomas Kaberle.  And strangely, as I started writing this, with the Czechs on the power play, Kabby just took a heck of a shot.  Canada Hockey Place is very alive for this game, it's too bad all of you east coast people are missing it.  But hey, at least here in Canada we can watch the whole game on one channel, rather than getting screwed around like the Americans who have to switch channels after one period, and then hope that the channel actually has the game on!  Well, I'm still stuck listening to John Garret, so it isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

In other news, Canada's medal count kept rolling yesterday, picking up a silver in women's short track speed skating.  I honestly can't remember an Olympics where we consistently had a medal over a consecutive number of days.  It's exciting stuff.

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Late Night PPP Edits

And this last link is about a story I've been really interested in - the reports from the international media that the Vancouver Olympics are the worst ever: