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DiDomenico's Four Point Return

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On May 5th Chris DiDomenico fractured his thigh bone when he ran into the end boards during the QMJHL finals. At the time we were all impressed with his commitment:

Didomenico , despite his extreme pain, repeated over and over while prone on the ice "je veux la game"  to his team mates. - blue with age

We also worried about his future. Coming back from a thigh bone injury could affect DiDomenico's skating and really derail everything he had worked for. From a Leafs fan perspective DiDo is a prospect who went absolutely crazy in the QMJHL playoffs scoring 35 points in 15 games.

DiDo had signed his ELC in March of 2009 which allowed him to skate with the Leafs' trainers and use the Leafs' medical facilities; something it looks like he took full advantage of.

Last night DiDomenico took the ice again with his team for the first time since May of 2009 and he made a strong statement: the player he was isn't gone. DiDomenico's Drummondville Voltigeurs beat Victoriaville 4-2 and DiDomenico had a goal and three assists.

Welcome back DiDo: we're all watching.