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Introducing: The PPP Mailbag

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Have you ever had a burning question about the Maple Leafs or the NHL that you wanted answered and you didn't know who to ask? Well, luckily for you there is now an outlet for your curiousity. This is a special kind of mailbag thought because it won't be me answering your questions or Chemmy calling you stupid but a guest contributor. Sure, the Toronto Star has Damien Cox's mailbag but we're going to have a real life Maple Leafs beat reporter answering your questions.

That's right folks, James Mirtle, he of the Globe on Hockey and formerly of SBN's From The Rink and his eponymous blog, will be answering your questions every two weeks (pending availability). If you ask a really great question he might even dedicate an entire post to it.

Now that you've calmed down you probably want to know how to get your question into the mailbag. It'll consist of 4 easy steps:

  1. E-mail me your question at pensionplanpuppets AT gmail DOT com
  2. Include your username if you have one
  3. Include a good question. I'll be screening so no asking if he's really as tall as Conan. He is.
  4. Get it to me by this Sunday at midnight so I can compile the best and pass them along to James.

James covers the Maple Leafs daily for the Globe so get your thinking caps and get him some good questions. I'll periodically post reminders as well.