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Mortality My Old Friend, Nice to See You Again

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Yup, that's how the game went last night.
Yup, that's how the game went last night.

So unless you haven't been following the Olympic hockey tournament, you know that Canada fell to the US by a score of 5-3 last night. This was largely in part due to Ryan Miller giving a better performance for Team USA than Martin Brodeur did for Team Canada.  The consensus is that Roberto Luongo will be getting the next start against Germany.

Also last night in Olympic hockey, Sweden blanked rival Finland 3-0, and Russia best the Czechs 4-2.  With the medal round over, the seeding are now known:

Russia faces the winner of Canada v. Germany;

Finland faces the winner of Czech v. Latvia;

Sweden face the winner of Slovakia v. Norway;

and USA faces the winner of Switzerland v. Belarus.

All four initial games will be played on Tuesday.

Team Canada should bounce back hard against a weak Team Germany and use it as a game to clear their heads of last night's loss before an epic quarterfinal showdown with Russia.

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