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At Least the Women Come Through

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Laura Secord: More than just chocolates via <a href=""></a>
Laura Secord: More than just chocolates via

So of the10 medals Canada has managed to win at these Olympics, 6 of them have been won by women.  Not every woman who was favoured to win has come through - Mellisa Hollingsworth comes to mind - but they've been more reliable than the men.  And the Canadian women's hockey team certainly looks good going into the gold medal match against the US - not that anyone expected a different match-up, but the Finnish team certainly played an excellent defensive game last night, and have an excellent goalie whom the Canadians still managed to score five goals on.  That was a great little boost needed after the horrific weekend we had to go through.

It made me think of the history of women in Canada.  Women have been important figures in Canada, perhaps moreso than one would expect.  I mean, without Laura Secord, we could all have been Americans!  Or, well, I would have been at least, given that the Americans had captured Fort St. George in Niagara on the Lake, where my mom was born and raised.  I mean, while her husband was resting up from injuries, Laura Secord walked through the Nigara Escarpment to warn the British soldiers of the American's impending attack, allowing them to create a force with the Mohawk warriors who managed to capture almost all of the attacking soldiers, completely demoralizing the American forces and saving Niagara on the Lake from the doom of americanization.

I think we could use a Laura Secord in these Olympics, actually.

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